Friday, July 8, 2016

A Minnesota Outrage...A Dallas Sorrow

Courtesy New York Daily News
Above is tan image taken from a video of an unarmed black man shot by police as he reached for his wallet (after being instructed to do so ) by a police officer in Minnesota. His girlfriend and 4 year old child where in the car with him at the time. His girlfriend somehow had the presence of mind to keep shooting the video until she too was arrested at gunpoint by other officers. Her 4 year old is heard in the the back of the police car consoling her mother " It's okay mommy, I'm right here with you" (Please use discretion. Video is intensely graphic)

The outrage I felt watching this video was overwhelming. I couldn't sleep, I couldn't eat. At 4 am I couldn't take it anymore and went out of my home and stood by the curb. Why. I don't. Maybe to stand as a lone silent sentinel after watching an American citizen die like that horribly by another American who's duty was to Protect and Serve. As the first rays of the new Sun began to lighten the sky on this awful, awful day. I went in, laid my head down to rest, exhausted and grief stricken,


I awoke sometime later, turned on the news and what I heard was the 5 police officers were assassinated by a sniper as the officers stood their posts during a Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas, Texas.I was dumbfounded. Five men doing their duty, cut down in the back while doing their duty. Horrified, I walked to the window, looking for who knows what. I had to find something to explain the thought ruining East, West, North and South through my head. The only thing that would come is that America there has become something very wrong with this country . Two people running for President, one without the qualifications of a Boy Scout Leader and the other distrusted by 99% of the electorate. A New Jersey Governor gives Exxon a $7 billion break for polluting the state and not 24 hours later tells the states pensioners the state doesn't have the $1.3 million to contribute to their pensions.
Yes there is something wrong with America... It is on its decline  America. Just like Rome, America will fall because of the fool that run it and the hordes of imbeciles that inhabit. What you are witnessing will come to be known as the Rise and Fall of The United States, and rightly so