Friday, July 8, 2016

The United States, where the nuts run the asylum, and thieve

The United States has some gall to go around the world preaching America's gospel of Freedom and Liberty when it's population is dysfunctional, homicidal, easier to mislead than a long track of donkeys. A population who will swallow the incredible but will wretch at the first sight of the truth.
We have two candidates for office who are better fitted hustling at carnivals, we got cops so frightened out there the first two chambers in their guns should be filled with blanks,we have "moral leaders of a sub population of people who will tear down half a city of a city if a cop steps on someones soul but turns a blind eye when the cities morgues are piled high with people killed indiscriminately by members of the same population, we have downright clowns like Al Sharpton and Carl Rove giving commentary on major issues on the various news programs. Farms getting paid well NOT to work, others calling for states to ban abortion and then couldn't give a damn if that child has a roof over hi/her head or something to eat. These same people who condemn the mothers to Hell than turn around and cheer when another man is executed by the government. As the recent primaries have shown their cherished right to vote is as useful as balls on a priest, that failed disc jockeys  have now become the 21st centuries versions of Plato, Seneca and Aristotle. Their attention span is shorter than a lemming going over a cliff and that their justice system seems it a joke to place a penniless person on $50,000 bail for snatching an extra ketchup package from the local McDonald's. It employs  for-profit companies to run prisons than wounder why 10% of the population is in jail.
A place where the population has more gunfire than the EU and is not afraid to use it. Schools ask parents to help their children do homework based on something called common core that would leave Eisenstein to reject his own Theory of Relativity and fly to Tibet and become a monk.

All this as our government travels the world like missionaries with jock itch and worries they have chlamydia.Around the world they travel telling their tales, pointing out the glories of Democracy and America while their hosts seat them at the table next to the bathroom and pit in their food in the kitchen. And why does all the world welcome them, why does all the world wish to come here? Not for the the bullshit outlined above but because they believe the streets are lined with gold! Wait till the get here and find the streets are lined with the piss of drunks and the sidedwalks stained with dog poop.