Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Outback or Outhouse: A gourmet disaster of revolting proportions

In my 53 years I have eaten in many resturants and have had a number of not so great experienxes but last night's experience went so far above the pale that that it left me on the edge  of thinking I was singled out for either a grand prank or a conspiracy to harm me my wife and three children. I placed an order and went to pick it up. When I returned home my wife and I found:
A loaf of bread with a bite already taken out of it
A half eaten chocolate desert
A "sirloin steak" which on inspection turned out to be a regular hamburger
A strawberry desert. Now this at first appeared fine so I gave a spoonful of it to my 3year old who immediately began to gag and spit it out. I tasted it and was almost overwhelmed by the alcohol content contained within.
I packed up all the food and went back. The manager listen to my first sentence about the desert and appeared to inadvertantly blurtex out "our strawberries had formented". 
She then offered to replace the food. I did not want to seem an unagreeable person so I agreed. Upon returning home we found that the steak that was replaced weighed approximately 3 ounces which was wasted anyway as my wife dipped it in the butter and quickly proceeded to spit it out as the butter appeared to be spoiled.
It took  lot to write this letter feeling that along with UFO and Bigfoot hunters I would never be believed. But at the urging of my wife I am indeed writing and will add that never in my life have I had a more revolting food experience in my life.It was like a gourmet nightmare come true in real life. We are still repulsed and a bit nauseous approximately 12 hours later.