Thursday, October 6, 2016

Hurricane Michael Thumbs Nose at Florida

Hurricane Michael, nicknamed " the wacky to track" appears to be thumbing it's nose at Florida ND riding just off the coast enrolment a very serious date with Georgia  and S.Carolina. stirring the pot even more is that Michael has hitched a ride onto the jet stream a borrow body of very warm water that circles the globe displacing heat from hot to cooler regions. ND we all know how much tropical systems love warm water. Expect Michael to ride ride up into Georgia ( where the last serious downpour occurred when Charley Mae's horse climbed the barn and relieved himself on Charley Mae) and S. Carolina where enough rain (1 foot plus) will fall to scrub, dry and wash half the population.
BTW if you do drive through a flooded roadway remember that only 6 inches of water can push a car off its foundation and you'll end up playing gin rummy with Big Pussy who also sleeps with the fishes

Beth, somebody busted my chops for putting out "unsolicited confusing information" when I said Michael would skirt the shore and not make landfall. Guess what? It's doing just that but I am not writing to pat myself on the back. Michael is riding straight at Georgia and SC and his ride is named (for the damned life of me I cant remember the name right now) . It's a band of very warm water about 30 miles off shore and is but only 10 or less miles wide. It carries very warm water around the world. ND what is a hurricanes Spinach ? Very wry water so this my strike Georgi/N.Carolina as a strong cat 4. ND until it takes that ridiculous  turn NC is not out of the woods. Either way rains will be torrential, 6 inches of moving water can sweep a car away. Drowning kills more people than wind ever could in hurricanes.