Thursday, October 6, 2016

If you are the Miami area keep an eye out!

It is onvious the so called weather experts are as blind as a man who entrusts the care of his beautiful girlfriend in the hands of his horny bet friend. Satellite images are showing Hurricane Matthew closing in on Florida. It looks as if it is headed right for Miami with time running out for any type of drastic turn. Approximately 8 million people went to sleep last might assurred by the popular sitcom The Weather Chanel that they were in the clear of any direct hit. Shit will hit the fan later when a catagory four storm with 140 mph sustained winds with gusts to 190 mph come knocking on their doors saying " hey assholes qhats for lunch". A nad situation excaceebated by weather authorities working along with Miami to save the tourist from leaving ny littering the streets with bodies. What will be their excuse? "Um, we didnt know" and all will get off scott free. Such is the state of hurricane pre paredness today.
Follow the link see how far and what the direction is and decide for yourself