Saturday, December 17, 2016

Gonna go out and rent me a Jew!

From the land that brought us Angela Merkel and the tidal wave of immigrants that are currently eating away the EU like termites a dying tree, Germany now brings you Rent a Jew. That's right ladies and gents, Rent a Jew!. With far-right nationalists and Neo-Nazi's gaining more and more adherents someone came up with the idea to Rent a Jew so as to become more familiar with the Hebrew culture and to show that the average Jew is just an all around nice guy.
Thing is I have a few problems with the whole concept, namely:

Who is the one that really looks bad here the person who rents the Jew or the Jew that allows himself to be rented?

How are the renters screened. I mean I can imagine a bunch of skin heads drunk off their asses sitting around without much to do, bored as Hell. Commercial break comes on "Hey, are you bored? Want to learn about another culture? Than call us at 1 800 RT A Jew and soon you'll be eating bagals, lox and Manischevits"
Damned world is insane and getting worse every day.