Friday, July 15, 2016

Turkey's Prime Minister... Ok! Let's Be Real! What do I Give a F--K?

My life is one with so many twist and turns, deprivations; filled with anxiety; a life where just making it to sundown with a little food in the house and the ability to flip a light switch and watch the bulb light up are enough to leave a sense of relief. I:

Work as a hack for a bunch of crooks who praise God in the morning, fornicate with Harlot in the afternoon and play poker with the Devil at night. Through their smiles and slaps on the back they treat me like a mutt with mange, and rob me too! I have an ex who gets enough money a week to fund an Hammas jihad, a woman who I can readily foresee squatting over my grave and relieving herself on my coffin while the 4-5 other mourners watch. My family and friends think I'm a drug addict because of my past requests for a few dollars to help me feed my kids.Drug addict? LMFAO! I wish I was a drug addict so some of this ever present pain and ill feelings might be soothed at times with a nice case of delirium. I have 4 kids who will probably be sitting there in their early teens as they witness my ex's explosive discharge onto my coffin as mentioned before. I quit smoking but when my neighbor hears she says" Roll Your Own down the block is only $40 bucks a carton" thus the constant noxious cloud around me. I have gout, It takes me longer to pee in the am than it does waiting for an express 4 train to enter 125 street and I'm getting so fat that yesterday I went to bend over to pick up a $100 bill off the floor and some 80 year old guy walking by beat me to it without ever breaking stride.
For all these complaints I do have an absolutely beautiful woman, 20 years younger than me who still, after 5 years, I still not only love but lust after ( this is a hint for those bachelors out there. Love is great, lust good too but when brought together in one woman, BLAST OFF!). Go ahead, point a finger in my face and in 2 minutes she'll be wearing it on a chain around her neck. She spends the day with 3 children who constantly request " Mommy? Mommy?Mommy?Mommy?Mommy?Mommy?Mommy?Mommy?Mommy?" 2-3000 times a day, each of whom have some type of electronic device which is losing power, needs a password entered or is thrown at each other for the smallest infraction. EVERY MOMENT! A woman who still puts makeup on and brushes her hair before coming to bed and gets ready 3 children for school and nursery  by herself while the day's first surges of adrenaline are coursing through their bodies undistilled. A woman who confounds the shit out of me every time I look in the mirror and say to myself "What the fuck in God's good world could this woman possibly be jealous of" .
This brings me back to the title of Turkey and the coup that occurred tonight referred to in the title of this post. Let's be honest: why do I give a damn about a coup in a country that is as significant to me as some Hindu pissing in the Ganges? It doesn't!! I couldn't give a damn if Turkey had a coup, a tsunami or 50% off a barrel of humus, In the morning I'll be be standing there listening to Len and Todd in the morning as I wait for the first drops of urine to drip out, right hand on the wall while whispering through clenched teeth "come on! come on!" and next pulling my 2 and 3 year old apart who are going at it like Ali and Frazier at the same  ignoring call after call from bill collectors with the tenacity of hungry rats after a fresh piece of mozzarella. But then I'll see my Priscilla, fresh out of bed and looking as beautiful as if she had been up for hours with lipstick in one hand and mascara in the other. And that's all I need to boost me up to face another day like a man sure of having the winning six mega-million numbers cold. Turkey is then lost to the mind like one with Alzheimer's. And I'm ready to start my day.

PM returns to Turkey. Explosion reported

PM of Turkey has returned to Turkey as a possible sin coup has failed. Reports now coming in that an explosion has occurred where Endrogen's plane was landing

Telephone Number To Call if Try to Contact Loved ones in Turkey

Call these numbers if your trying to contact loved ones in Turkey:

1-888-407-4747 in the US and Canada

1-202-501-4444 from other countries

Info From US State Department to Americans in Turkey

State Department travel@gov (Enter Turkey's in box for more info)

For your safety:
  • Avoid travel to southeastern Turkey, particularly near the Syrian border.
  • Stay away from large crowds, including at popular tourist destinations.
  • Exercise heightened vigilance and caution when visiting public access areas, especially those heavily frequented by tourists.
  • Stay away from political gatherings and rallies.
  • Follow the instructions of local authorities in an emergency.
  • Stay at hotels with identifiable security measures in place.
  • Monitor local media.
For further detailed information regarding Turkey and travel:

Turkey PM Say Coup has Failed

Reports that Turkeu PM has stated that Cout in Turkey "has been foiled, Awaiting fuerther information

F15 with tracer bullets opens up on crowd in Turkey

Follow the link to watch tracer bullets rain down on protesters in Turkey by a military gunship (coup still in its infancy. Cannot vouch for veracity of this story)

Massive Protests against Coup in Turkey


Hundreds of thousands of people have turned out to protest against military;s coup in Turkey. Success of coup seems doubtful at this time

Military Coup Attempt Sends Turkey into Chaos

An attempted coup by segments of Turkey's military have begun a coup attempt that has thrown the country of Turkey into chaos. It appears the moderately  secular country was being led further and further to the Right and segments of the military again said "Enough is Enough"
This is a situation still in its early stages. More to come

Friday, July 8, 2016

The United States, where the nuts run the asylum, and thieve

The United States has some gall to go around the world preaching America's gospel of Freedom and Liberty when it's population is dysfunctional, homicidal, easier to mislead than a long track of donkeys. A population who will swallow the incredible but will wretch at the first sight of the truth.
We have two candidates for office who are better fitted hustling at carnivals, we got cops so frightened out there the first two chambers in their guns should be filled with blanks,we have "moral leaders of a sub population of people who will tear down half a city of a city if a cop steps on someones soul but turns a blind eye when the cities morgues are piled high with people killed indiscriminately by members of the same population, we have downright clowns like Al Sharpton and Carl Rove giving commentary on major issues on the various news programs. Farms getting paid well NOT to work, others calling for states to ban abortion and then couldn't give a damn if that child has a roof over hi/her head or something to eat. These same people who condemn the mothers to Hell than turn around and cheer when another man is executed by the government. As the recent primaries have shown their cherished right to vote is as useful as balls on a priest, that failed disc jockeys  have now become the 21st centuries versions of Plato, Seneca and Aristotle. Their attention span is shorter than a lemming going over a cliff and that their justice system seems it a joke to place a penniless person on $50,000 bail for snatching an extra ketchup package from the local McDonald's. It employs  for-profit companies to run prisons than wounder why 10% of the population is in jail.
A place where the population has more gunfire than the EU and is not afraid to use it. Schools ask parents to help their children do homework based on something called common core that would leave Eisenstein to reject his own Theory of Relativity and fly to Tibet and become a monk.

All this as our government travels the world like missionaries with jock itch and worries they have chlamydia.Around the world they travel telling their tales, pointing out the glories of Democracy and America while their hosts seat them at the table next to the bathroom and pit in their food in the kitchen. And why does all the world welcome them, why does all the world wish to come here? Not for the the bullshit outlined above but because they believe the streets are lined with gold! Wait till the get here and find the streets are lined with the piss of drunks and the sidedwalks stained with dog poop.

A Minnesota Outrage...A Dallas Sorrow

Courtesy New York Daily News
Above is tan image taken from a video of an unarmed black man shot by police as he reached for his wallet (after being instructed to do so ) by a police officer in Minnesota. His girlfriend and 4 year old child where in the car with him at the time. His girlfriend somehow had the presence of mind to keep shooting the video until she too was arrested at gunpoint by other officers. Her 4 year old is heard in the the back of the police car consoling her mother " It's okay mommy, I'm right here with you" (Please use discretion. Video is intensely graphic)

The outrage I felt watching this video was overwhelming. I couldn't sleep, I couldn't eat. At 4 am I couldn't take it anymore and went out of my home and stood by the curb. Why. I don't. Maybe to stand as a lone silent sentinel after watching an American citizen die like that horribly by another American who's duty was to Protect and Serve. As the first rays of the new Sun began to lighten the sky on this awful, awful day. I went in, laid my head down to rest, exhausted and grief stricken,


I awoke sometime later, turned on the news and what I heard was the 5 police officers were assassinated by a sniper as the officers stood their posts during a Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas, Texas.I was dumbfounded. Five men doing their duty, cut down in the back while doing their duty. Horrified, I walked to the window, looking for who knows what. I had to find something to explain the thought ruining East, West, North and South through my head. The only thing that would come is that America there has become something very wrong with this country . Two people running for President, one without the qualifications of a Boy Scout Leader and the other distrusted by 99% of the electorate. A New Jersey Governor gives Exxon a $7 billion break for polluting the state and not 24 hours later tells the states pensioners the state doesn't have the $1.3 million to contribute to their pensions.
Yes there is something wrong with America... It is on its decline  America. Just like Rome, America will fall because of the fool that run it and the hordes of imbeciles that inhabit. What you are witnessing will come to be known as the Rise and Fall of The United States, and rightly so

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Breaking News Infant and Child Missing in Connecticut

New outlets reporting two missing children missing since yesterday in Connecticut. So far no descriptions of vehicle or who perpetrator may be.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Donald Trump as Hell's Angel, The Primaries and The Political Machine Exposed

In my 53 years I have never seen an election cycle like the one being played out present. It's as if the Asylum for the Politically Insane was closed following an exposay by Geraldo Rivera and all the inmates were let loose to run the corridors of government.
First the GOP primaries. Included are a real estate magnate who's initial chances of winning the primary were about as good as a Twinkie surviving  unmolested at a Weight Watcher's meeting; then there was Ted Cruz who lost on nothing more superficial than he had a face that parents used to scare their children to sleep. We had Marco Rubio who drew almost unanimous suspicion for the strange lump that always stuck out from the back of his jacket. It only made matters worse for him
when the Press discovered it was a backpack he used for the middle school he was attending at the time.There was Kasich (pronounced "case-itch" or "case-ick") who was invited to an Italian neighborhood and then goes on to  horrify the crowd when he eats his pizza with a knife and fork like a Frenchman eating frog legs. So much anger ensued that the local Knights of Columbus hall was set ablaze for inviting him there. Another challenger included a New Jersey governor who gave Exxon a $7 billion break in exchange for two free toppings at a local Pizza Hut ( and who incidentally 2 days later told New Jersey pensioners that the state was broke and couldn't afford the $1.3 billion owed to the pension system. When they protested he responded with a comment to go,... well I wont say it but if I could do it I wouldn't get out of bed in the morning). There was also, if my memory serves me right, a bird water and an unemployed mime, both whose names escapes me.

So who won? Donald Trump, a guy who who puts as much stock in political correctness as a guy named Mahony whose one night out a week is to visit a local pub on "buy one get one free" night. The Donald man knows as much about foreign affairs as caged parakeet and is about proud as Hell to show it. He will take an insult like " your mother wears combat boots" as an arrow through the sternum. But there is one damn the guy will always be remembered, win or lose, that is he momentously and unintentionally exposed the hidden processes behind the scenes of politics, of those who really pull the levers and ultimately control who wins and who loses, who's in and who's out when it comes to elections.The people of this great nation were shocked to learn that that there is a good chance their vote counts as much as a Pole pissing in an alleyway in Warsaw. Trump's run for President of the United States has exposed in clear daylight, unabashed and unashamed the machinations and double dealing that keeps the GOP running like some some restricted country club that peers down your pants to see if your circumcised before granting you a membership . It is my opinion that the citizens of this great country now distrust of their government more then they did following the Kennedy assassination (just look how well Bernie Sanders, an admitted socialist did in the primaries) and the Moon landings.
As for Trump actually winning the primary, it is my hypothesis that he created a brilliant strategy to win . He knew he was over matched by his competitors, including the great debater Cruz and the several other mopes running along side of him .In essence I believe he decided to wage war not like a French noble with the whole smack and giving of the card thing, but as a street fighter, like some battle scarred Hell's Angel from Frisco. He gouged the eyes, he kicked in the balls, head-butted. He  used  hammers, chains, garbage cans, anything he could get his hands on. His adversaries, caught off guard and confused forgot themselves and ignorantly took the bait. But as no Ivy League gentleman of soft upbringing could stand a chance against an Angel, they, along with the ENTIRE GOP apparatus got their asses whipped. Trump was so ingenious in his strategy that even in Hell it was reported that the Devil was seen to blush for the very first time.. In fact Trump's perceived ability win was so unexpected that Vegas odds makers lost only $2000 and this to 2 homeless guys who used 4 aluminum cans to place their bet on him..

So here we stand today, between two contestants vying for the highest office in the Land. On one side, a guy with as much political savvy as an Alaskan ice salesman, on the other  a woman who's as trustworthy as a pick pocket born with two extra hands. OMG! What will America do? Wait! Hey! I know. Let's ask the Kardashian's.