Tuesday, August 8, 2017

WARNING!!!Please share if you are or know an NYPD Officer

Some asshole just posted to twitter that he was going to shot NYPD officers tonight!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Who Needs The Russians When You Have Comey?

Much has been made recently over Russian interference in the past US presidential elections. It is hypothesized that a concerted effort by Russian hackers under direction of those high in government resulted , in some way to help the mega real-estate mogul Donald Trump become president. As of yet there has been no positive yea or nay. But, man when it comes to running interference patterns no one did better than FBI Director James Comey. It was Comey who, days before the election dropped a bombshell on the American populace when he announced that The FBI had opened up an investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails telling Congress:
"In connection with an unrelated case, the FBI has learned of the existence of email that appear to be pertinent" to Clinton's emails.
The Democratic party including Hillary Clinton went berserk accusing the FBI director of trying to help along Donald Trump in his bid for the presidency. Whether it helped or not Trump did win the presidential seat (can you just see Donald Trump walking the White House in a bathrobe and slippers, sipping coffee?). Next came revelations the Hillary Clinton's aide-de-camp Huma Abedien forwarded "hundreds of thousands" of classified emails to her detestable husband aptly named Anthony Weiner. Now it is revealed that instead of a mountain of emails falling into the hands of sex-maniac Weiner there was just a handful that she did not send herself but were automatically backed up on her computer.
So what's up with this guy Comey? How the Hell did he get into the FBI in the first place, never mind becoming Director? I was of the opinion the process to become an FBI agent was the most rigorous processes of any agency in the world, weeding out not only lunatics but imbecile and morons too! Is this guy bored? Has he nothing to do? This guy reminds me of the joke told by Don Rickles on a Dean Martin Roast who said:

"Bob Hope would have been here but he's busy looking for a war"

What the Hell is Comey looking for? Infamy? Is he deliberately attempting to sabotage himself in a political suicide by proxy? How long is this guy going to hang onto the Director's seat before he abdicates? Hopefully he sees that all his sticking around is doing is tearing apart the great reputation of one of this country's finest institutions, the FBI.


Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Trying To Make A Killing At A Bus Crash

I was working a Basic Life Support unit on the 5pm-1am shift. We get a call for a bus crash with injuries on 155st and Broadway. We pull up to the scene and see at least 15 people standing around, the majority with a hand on on their necks. Apparently the bus hit a vehicle from behind smashing its tail light. A fender-bender if you ever saw one. I walk over to the NYPD sargent:
"Hey Sarge, how many injuries?
He turns to me and says "well, according to the bus driver there were 5 or 6 people on the bus at the time of the accident"
I look around and see again 15 people moaning and holding their necks. I turn back to the Sargent with a puzzled look on my face
"See that officer by the back door?" points the Sargent
"Yes", I reply
"He's a foot post. As he walked over he saw at least 5 people get onto the bus through that door and come out the front claiming that they were injured. He's there to stop anyone else from getting on".